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Launch, Grow & Sell Your Business

CRGO Law has been advising on a variety of Corporate  & Securities Law matters and has closed some of the most innovative transactions.

Give us a call today and see how we can help you.

We regularly advise entrepreneurs, startups, and high growth companies regarding corporate formation, governance, strategic transactions, securities, financial structures and exit strategies including:

Corporate Formation & Governance
• Structure & Choice of Entities*
• Board Membership Composition, Function, & Agreements
• Corporate Secretary Operations
• Ethics Programs
• Executive Employment Agreements*

• Non-Disclosure/Non-competition/Non-solicitation Agreements*

• Assignment of IP Agreements*

Finance & Securities
• Regulation D Offerings*

• Convertible Notes, SAFEs & KISSes*
• Mergers & Acquisitions 
• Stock Purchase Agreements 
• Asset Purchase Agreements

• Private Placement Memoranda* 
• Shareholder & Operating Agreements 
• Equity Incentive (Stock Option and Phantom Stock) Plans*

• Partnership Agreements
• Buy-Out Agreements
• Loan & Security Agreements 
• Forbearance Agreements
• Restructuring Agreements 

*TEQuity™ Services Collection component

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